14 Ways Facial Steaming Can Benefit Your Skin

Facial steaming is a tool used in spas as a way of exfoliating your skin so that their treatments penetrate your skin. However, facial steaming has many other benefits for your skin other than improving the retention of the skin to topical products.

These are the benefits of facial steaming.

Skin Cleansing

Acne breakouts occur due to the excess sebum clogging your pores. The process of facial steaming opens up your pores and cleanses it by making an opening for the natural oils that are trapped within to flow out freely.

Skin Cleansing

Blackhead Removal

Facial steaming is an excellent blackhead removal tool. Blackheads occur due to oil, dirt, and other foreign objects getting trapped within the surface of the skin and causing small bumps. Facial steaming removes blackheads by opening the pores and cleansing it by making way for the unwanted particles to flow out of the clogged pores.

For deeper blackhead removal, after facial steaming, your pores are loosened, making it easier for pore cleansing tools such as Comedone extractors to remove blackheads easily.

Blackhead Removal

Subduing Acne-Causing Agents

Bacteria, dead skin cells, and other impurities that are clogging perspire. As the sweat flows out of your skin, it carries with it dead skin cells, debris and lifts the dirt that is trapped deep within the skin. The deep pore cleansing through facial steaming helps your skin look cleaner.

Promotes Circulation​

Perspiration, apart from cleansing your pores, dilutes your blood vessels and boosts circulation. The increased circulation provides more oxygen to more parts of the skin, helping with skin repair and rejuvenation. The result of better circulation leads to glowing skin.

Improves The Retention Of The Skin To Topical Products your pores are released by opening your pores through facial steaming.

Deep Tissue and Pore Cleansing

The heat produced from the facial steaming triggers your body to

Facial steaming helps improve the retention of the skin to other topical products such as moisturizer and creams. By using a good moisturizer immediately after your facial steaming session, you get more bang for your buck as your skin absorbs more of the desirable properties that are supplemented by the moisturizers.

Sheds Dead Skin Cells

Dead skin cells make your skin appear old, tired, and dried. Facial steaming helps you shed the dead skin cells that are sitting on your face and making your skin shine brighter.

Eliminate Pimples

Facial steaming is the quickest way to eliminate pimples.

  • Steam your face for 5 minutes.
  • Let your face cool down for 30 minutes.
  • Apply an ice cube on the pimple.

The facial steaming will bring out the pus trapped in pimples, and the ice will soothe the skin and close the pores through the process of steaming.

Hydrates The Skin

When your face heats through the process of steaming, our body releases natural oils to keep your skin hydrated.

Thoroughly Removes Makeup

Makeup tends to get stuck under the surface of the skin regardless of the makeup removers that you have used. Facial steaming is a great makeup remover as it lifts the composition stuck deep within the pores.

Promotes The Production Of Collagen And Elastin

Facial steaming improves circulation that leads to a boost of collagen and elastin production. These are two proteins that are essential in keeping your skin tight and flexible, resulting in firmer, bright and youthful skin.

Soothes The Face

As the warm steam touches your face, it’s a soothing and relaxing sensation. By adding essential oils and herbs to the water, you can elevate this sensation to a different level. Experiment with different essential oils and help and find out the one that works for you. Different essential oils come with various properties that aid the skin and set a different mood.

Eliminates Bacteria

Steaming the face keeps bacteria away, a great way to fight the common cold caused by bacteria. By consistently steaming your face, you will have a strong defence against bacterial related ailments.

Aids With Sinus Congestion

Adding essential oils is a great way to battle sinus congestion and release the build-up of phlegm. Sinus congestion causes headaches, and facial steaming can be the cure for you.

Facial steaming can be done in two ways, placing your head over boiling water in a kettle or using a portable steamer such as the nano ionic facial steamer  by Krasr. The portable steamer is a better option as it is built for facial steaming and comes with different levels of intensity. While using a portable steamer, be sure to start from the lowest level and then work your way up as it helps your face adapt to the heat.

Overall steaming is a great way to keep the health of your skin. Steaming will help you skip out on those expensive spa bills. Furthermore, with the help of a portable facial steamer, you can treat your skin at the comfort of your home, on your schedule.

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