Blackhead Extractor Vacuum | Pore Extraction & Cleanser Tool | Blackhead Extractor Suction Device


Cleartsy Blackhead Remover


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  • Skincare tool that clears clogged pores to give skin a clear and clean look.
  • This machine is excellent for blackhead extraction.
  • The vacuum suction of the machine reduces all the wrinkles and fine lines and makes skin tight.
  • Deeply nourishes the skin by giving it a good massage and restores the hidden glow.

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  • No one understands skin better than us.
  • Easy to use skincare essential products.
  • Quick and permanent results to keep you growing young with age.

How To Use

  • Wash off your face clean and dry. 
  • Turn on the device and initially start off with low intensity.
  • Gradually increase the intensity by pressing the M button. 
  • Take the extractor tool all over your face to remove blackheads and cleanse clogged pores.


How do I prepare my skin for a pore vacuum?

Before you use the blackhead removal tool, wash your face thoroughly. Make sure no dirt or makeup is left on the face. You can use pore cleanser before using a pore vacuum.

Can you use a pore vacuum everyday?

Do not use Blackhead Extractor daily. It recommended that you use Blackhead Vacuum twice or thrice a week, depending on your skin condition.

Is pore suction bad?

No pore Vacuums are safe. They cleanse your pores and nourishes your skin.

Do blackhead remover vacuums work?

Yes! Blackhead Vacuum does work. They use suction to cleanse out the pores and remove blackheads.